Welcome to St Thomas Lodge 4198.

It was formed in 1920 by brethren from various other Lodges who wanted a Lodge representing the area of Exeter called St Thomas. To qualify to be a member you had to live or have a business in St Thomas. Please go here for a full history of St Thomas Lodge.

The part of Exeter known as St Thomas is West of the river and has been established since Roman times.
The St Thomas lodge 4198 as it became known meets 11 months of the year with August being a “Holiday” month as many original members were school teachers and this was and is the month when schools break up for the summer holidays.

We are known to be a very friendly and welcoming lodge and we try and keep up many of its traditions as well as Masonic traditions.

We meet in Gandy Street in Exeter the 2nd Wednesday of the month and should you wish it visit then do please get in touch here.

In the meantime please fill in your details in the form top right of this page so we can keep you up to date with the St Thomas Lodge news letter.

We are always looking to recruit and if you are interested then there 4198 2is plenty of information on this site which informs you of what Freemasonry is about and how to get involved.

Useful and interesting pages are as follows:

History of St Thomas Lodge

What is Freemasonry

Who can become a Freemason

Questions and Answers  FAQs



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St Thomas Lodge