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Ladies Lunch

After last years success at having a Ladies lunch. The Worshipful master has again decided to hold another at the Langstone Cliff Hotel Dawlish Warren on Sunday 22nd November.

Tickets will be £20 per person and will include a 3 course lunch.

Each course comes with a choice of 3 selections. Please inform the Charity Steward if a vegetarian dish is required.

Anyone wishing to go please get in touch with the Charity Steward at St Thomas Lodge,   sthom cs

Diary for 2015 St Thomas Lodge

Below is the Diary for this year at St Thomas Lodge. If anyone wishes to attend your very welcome. Please use contact page to inform the secretary.

There are always changes so please do come back often.

Most Mondays, for those involved there will be rehearsals which will either be held in Gandy Street or the  W. M house.

Check with WM for details.



Gp meeting to be held 6 30 pm 5th February

Lodge meeting 4 15 pm 11th February



G P meeting Thursday 5th March 6 30 pm

Lodge meeting  Wednesday 11th March 6 30 pm



G P meeting Thursday 2nd April 6 30 pm

Lodge meeting  Wednesday 8th April 6 30 pm



G P meeting Thursday 7th May 6 30pm

Lodge meeting  Wednesday 13th May  White table evening. Bring friends and potential candidates. More details to follow.


G P meeting Thursday 4th June 6 30pm

Lodge meeting  Wednesday 10th June


Cadogan Court fete. Details to follow



G P meeting Thursday 2nd July 6 30pm

Lodge meeting  Wednesday 8th July 6 30 pm


Annual Hog roast to be held again at Den Ardens farm. More details to follow

August   No meetings this month. Holiday month have a good time!


G P meeting Thursday 3rd September 6 30pm

Lodge meeting  Wednesday 9th September 6 30pm

2nd degree tracing board


G P meeting Thursday 8th October  6 30pm

Lodge meeting  Wednesday 14th October 6 30 pm


Cadogan Court annual meeting details to follow



G P meeting Thursday 5th November 6 30pm

Lodge meeting  Wednesday 11th November 6 30 pm


Ladies Lunch details to follow


G P meeting Thursday 3rd December 6 30pm

Lodge meeting  Wednesday 9th December 6 30 pm

Christmas Lecture.

Christmas Lunch 18th December details to follow.

January 2016

G P meeting Thursday 7th January 6 30pm

Lodge meeting  Wednesday 13th January 6 30 pm

 Domestic night.