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All the latest news from St Thomas Lodge

Curry night

St Thomas Lodge are holding a curry night at Gandy Street on 15th September.   There will be an “all you can eat” buffet with vegetarian and non Indian alternatives available.  Friends and family are welcome.   Last year’s curry night was a very enjoyable evening so please support this year’s event.

Tickets are £15.00  each and are available from W.Bro Rodney Walsom .  All proceeds will go to St Thomas charities.

Tercentenary Service at Exeter Cathedral

On Saturday 24th June the WM attended the Provincial Grand Lodge of Devonshire’s Tercentenary Service of Thanksgiving at Exeter Cathedral.  The service, which was held on the 300th anniversary of the formation of United Grand Lodge of England, was attended by a number of representatives of Provincial and Grand Lodge and commenced with the Masonic procession and Lodge Banners.  A number of civic dignitaries, including the Lord Mayor of Exeter and the Lord Lieutenant of Devon were also in attendance and many lodges from across the Province were represented. Readings were by the Provincial Grand Master and his Assistants and the service included the opening and closing odes.  A full report of the service, along with official photographs and a video of the procession, can be seen on the Provincial website:-

Following the service the WM attended a tercentenary dinner at Gandy Street hosted by Northcote Lodge (no. 2659).  This event was well supported and was very enjoyable.  Thanks to all at Northcote who were involved with organising the event.

Cadogan Court’s Summer Fair

Cadogan Court’s annual Summer Fair was held on Saturday 17 June on a glorious sunny, summer day, the hottest Saturday of the year so far.   The Fair was opened by Rt. W. Bro Ian Kingsbury, Provincial Grand Master for the Province of Devonshire.  The Fair was well attended, including a visit by members of the Widows Sons whose bikes made an impressive display.


W Bros Viv Carton, Mike Saffin, Gordon Long and Frank Lewis
Members of the Widows Sons

As usual St Thomas Lodge were responsible for the bar and once again we are grateful to Exeter Brewery who supported the bar with two barrels of ale.  Along with the ale there was wine and Pimms for sale, along with soft drinks.  The bar took just over £600 on the day.

The brethren come down to W Bro Gary Hunter’s level!

Next year will be the 30th anniversary of the Fair so we hope that will be a very special event.

Visit from north of the Border

On 3 June the Worshipful Master and W Bro Walsom attended a special meeting of St John the Baptist Lodge (No. 39), along with a number of brethren from other Lodges.  Brethren from Craigends Lodge (No. 1042) from Glasgow had been invited to attend and demonstrate a first degree ceremony for which one of St John the Baptist’s brethren volunteered to take the place of the candidate.  Craigend’s ritual differs in a number of aspects from our own and was superbly performed.  The afternoon was both enjoyable and informative, with the festive board giving opportunity to socialise with our Scottish brethren.

Help raise money

Brother Andy Cole is running a half Marathon to help raise money for a foundation which was set up when a personal friend died of bowl cancer. St Thomas Lodge will be also donating money and it would be great if Andy can raise at least that same amount .

Please see below his story and why he is running and raising money for a very good cause.

Andy Cole – Great West Run 2015
In November 2013 I embarked on a lifestyle change that has seen me lose 7 stone, drop several sizes and become far more active. Without the support and encouragement of my family and friends I am sure I would have not achieved so much. In 46 years I always thought sport was for watching and the participation was something reserved for others. But this year I wanted to set myself a new challenge and I have started exercising and running on a regular basis, as a result I have also entered this Octobers 13 mile Great West Run around the streets of Exeter.

Processed with Moldiv
So having decided to enter this run the easiest choice for me was who I wanted to raise funds for. I am Chairman and a Trustee of The Adam Stansfield Foundation so it goes without saying this was my one and only choice. The Foundation was set up in memory of Adam, a good friend and professional footballer who I first met when he joined Exeter City. Tragically in 2010 at the age of 31 Adam died of Bowel Cancer. Adam was an inspiration to us all; he gave his time freely to all supporters and was an inspirational role model. The Foundation has two main objectives, to raise awareness about Bowel Cancer and to promote community participation in healthy recreation for the benefit of children and young people up to the age of 16 residing in Devon, Herefordshire and Somerset by the provision of grants and facilities for playing football. Over the years we have provided everything from football kits, goals and equipment to wheelchair bumpers and educational courses. We are also a key player in a national Bowel Cancer awareness campaign called ‘Know the Score’ working with other charities and professional football a project I am passionate about and actively promote. With your help we can do more, no donation is ever too small so whatever you can spare would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your support, I know this run will sap every last ounce of my energy so I am setting no targets for the run other than to finish. But with your support and having Adam running every step with me and ‘team Stanno’ I will get to the finish line.
My email is
Charity website:
My fundraising page:

Feb -April News

Most years St Thomas Lodge has two initiations and this year was no exception. In March and in April the new candidates were welcomed into the world of Freemasonry and in particular the St Thomas Lodge.

The first ceremony was conducted by the Worshipful Master and the second was conducted by the Immediate Past Master Worshipful Brother Kevin Green. He asked the WM if he could perform the ceremony as he had proposed the candidate, who is a personal friend of his.

The new Charity Steward gave his maiden request for the Brethren to donate what they can afford to the Charity box so that when a request by a local charity arrived enough funds would be available to hopefully entertain their request.

In April we were honoured to have as a visitor W Bro D G Webber P Asst P G M

and a Fraternal visit from Miles Coverdale Lodge No 5069 who reside in Paignton.

When the Lodge was opened the WM asked the Brethren to stand and observe a minutes silence in remembrance of V W Bro John Annear P. G. Swd. B. Past Deputy P. G. M .who had passed to the Grand Lodge above.

Other news:

The annual Hog Roast has been confirmed and details will be sent out shortly.

In May at our monthly meeting there will be an Explanation of the 1st Degree Tracing Board.

The Worshipful Master has been visiting many lodges over the last couple of months representing St Thomas. Click here for details.

Summary of 2014 /15 for the Worshipful Master.

Worshipful Master Kevin Green has had a very successful and wonderful packed year as W.M.   kevin

In February 2014 he was installed as Master by W. Bro  Frank Lewis in a ceremony that, due to W.Bro Lewis’ high standard of ritual, went without one prompt.

In March the first of two candidates was initiated to a very high standard by the new W. Master as well as the supporting Brethren,

April saw the initiation of our second candidate and again a very high standard ritual was performed by all.

In May we had the First degree tracing board: well done to W Bro Gerald Sclater. (How do some brethren learn such long pieces?)

The Worship Master with the support of the Lodge’s Mentor, W. Bro Gary Hunter, organised a “White Table “ evening.

The idea being to hold a dinner for members and friends who may be interested in joining Freemasonry.

A very successful night; in particular many of the guests enjoyed a conducted tour of the Temple by W.Bro Mike Saffin, so much so that one of the guests is joining us in April.

In June the first candidate went through to become a Fellow Craft and what an excellent candidate he is. The ritual, including the full length 2nd Degree working tools.

July saw our second candidate become a Fellow Craft with the long version of the working tools done by W.Bro R Walsom, who is not known for his ritual, but nevertheless did a very good job in the recital of this difficult piece.

The Worshipful Master also had a Hog Roast to which nearly 100 people turned up to enjoy a freshly roasted Hog. All money raised went to Age Concern Dementia department which was over £100

We don’t meet in August and so in September when we met again we were treated to an explanation of the 2nd Degree tracing board.

October saw the first of two third degrees performed and on this occasion it was the short ending version which again the Brethren performed to a very high standard and should be very proud of the fact.

On the 18th October St Thomas Lodge had special dispensation to hold a meeting at Cadogan Court. This is a Masonic retirement home in Exeter. St Thomas has held a meeting here specially for the residents since 1986. The Brethren who reside here cannot get out and about like they used to so we go to them.

The Brethren received sad news in November that our second candidate had decided not to continue for personal reasons. So a regular visitor to our lodge offered to stand in. This was eagerly accepted as the Brethren had spent many hours rehearsing this long close 3rd degree. Its great when everything come together and the Brethren and Worshipful Master hardly had one prompt.

The Ladies lunch was held at the Langstone Cliff Hotel Dawlish where 60 brethren, wives and friends had a set meal which, as always, was very good. The Langstone is a great place to have functions for the day time or the evening. You never have to order your meal up front!!

December St Thomas has a lecture which all members of the lodge are invited to take part. It is a 7 year cycle and this year we had the first 3 sections of the First Lecture.

January is St Thomas Lodge’s domestic night where we ballot new members (2) and any other general business is conducted. Traditionally this meeting does not have any visitors

February is our big month of the year as a new Worshipful Master is installed into office.

The ceremony is mainly conducted by the outgoing Master.  W. Bro Kevin Green who has to learn 14 A4 sides of ritual, a mammoth piece by anyone’s standards. But as we have now come to expect W. Bro Green was just about word perfect and conducted the ceremony to a very high standard indeed.

The new Worship Master is W. Bro Viv Carton. He has been in the chair before and due to a gap has very kindly stepped in for this next year.

We wish him well and look forward to his program for the year.

January 2015

On the 14th January we held our domestic night. The Worshipful Master’s last complete meeting before the Installation of the new master in February.

The evening started by ahve a lodge photo. Many of the Brethren could not make it for this photo shoot which was a shame but the common reason being flu / bad colds etc it was nice to see the number who did come along.

Exeter Masons


The meeting proceeded with a ballot for two new candidates who were excepted by the Brethren of St Thomas. These new Brethren will be initiated in March and April 2015.

After the meeting the Brethren enjoyed a traditional mixed grill at the Festive Board. The Worshipful Master thanked every one who had supported and helped him during the previous year and wished W. Bro Viv Carton all the best for becoming WM next month.

He looked forward to see those who were coming to the Ladies night on 24th and there guests.

The Ladies night has sold out.

St Thomas Lodge 25th Anniversary at Cadogan Court 2014

Cadogan Court 18th October 2014

Every year for the last 25 years St Thomas lodge members hold a Extraordinary Lodge meeting at Cadogan Court for the Masons who are resident there. (See why it started )
This year was no exception and so with members of St Thomas Brethren plus 12 residents had a Extraordinary Lodge meeting.
For the first time Brethren from Cadogan Court took part,

2014-10-18 15.56.42 WM Frank Wakeley from The Progressive Science Lodge 5007 Yeovil as Junior Warden and WB Norman Wilkins from the Vigilance Lodge 4952 Manchester as Senior Warden.2014-10-18 15.57.04
We were also privileged to have the Very Worshipful Brother P R Peter Gault Provincial Grand Master in attendance.
2014-10-18 16.00.53The Worshipful Master opened the lodge at 3pm and unfortunately had to start the proceedings by announcing that W Bro Malcolm Martin had gone to the Grand Lodge above. W Bro Martin had been in attendance every year since he had become a resident at Cadogan Court Road he was truly missed this year as I’m sure he will be at his Mother Lodge, Forest Lodge 1852 Nottingham.
WB Mike Saffin P.G.Std.B then proceeded to give us a lecture……or as he described it “A Observation of Freemasonry”
What a very interesting “Observation” it was and to sum up what he said he gave us the following poem which was written many years ago and found written in the plaster of an old Masonic Hall.
What then is Masonry?
If I could answer I believe it would say
I am rooted in the midst of great Antiquity and point to God and Eternity.
I am the Past the Present and the future
I belong to the ages, I circle the globe and I stand at the crosswords of the world.
I am steeped in tradition and traced in the pages of history;
I have rites and words which have beauty, symmetry and rhythm;
I have knowledge wisdom and secrets locked in my bosom which
I give to men who come to me desiring me in their hearts;
I place upon my alters Holy Writ and turn to the Deity in prayer;
I hold a Square and Compass in my hand and contemplate
a line from Earth to Heaven
I speculate with all the tools of operative Masons and
I translate their use into moral values and spiritual building
I await all free men of lawful age and good report but solicit none
I admit them of their own free will and accord and teach them Brotherhood and Unity.
I make builders of men of those who are willing and give them my tools that they may work;
I stoop to raise the fallen brethren and cast cut the unworthy;
I walk in the way of Charity and travel the road of Peace and Harmony
I render aid to the poor, the sick and the distressed;
I render the cry of the widow and sustain the orphan and the aged,
commit to the brethren who travel to that Undiscovered Country;
I ponder in that moment on the ravages of time as I stand at the doors of Eternity;
I am a Way of Life that teaches Immortality;
I raise men from Darkness to light.

After the meeting was closed the Brethren enjoyed a nice cup of tea with lovely cake (made by the Cadogan Chef) with the residents and Brethren of Cadogan Court.

2014-10-18 16.01.58WB Mike Saffin with W M Kevin Green

The Brethren of St Thomas were thanked by W Bro David Richards for taking the time to have this Extraordinary Lodge meeting at Cadogan Court and looked forward to seeing St Thomas lodge again next year. As we are!