Social from St Thomas

As we are traditionally a very social lodge. The Worshipful Master is having a Hog Roast in July, a Lady s lunch in September subject to confirmation. and a Lady s Night in January 2015. Plus a skittles night towards the end of the year.


The WM has also asked if you would join him and the brethren of St Thomas to a skittles night on September 5th at St Thomas Cricket ground.

Please do come along members and bring friend with you.

May 2014

We are looking forward to our meeting this month as we will be having an explanation of the 1st degree tracing board.

In the meantime here is a precis

of what happened last month in April.

The Worshipful Master performed and excellent initiation ceremony, this being the second one he has done since becoming Worshipful Master.

JUNE 2014

JUNE 5th GP Start 6 30pm

JUNE 11th Lodge meeting 6 15pm 2nd degree

JUNE 20th White table night. Being organised by W.Bro Gary Hunter. Please bring at least one guest and of course your wife / partner. The idea is to bring a guest along who may be interested in Freemasonry. This evening will able them to get to know us and to ask any questions regarding Freemasonry.

JUNE 21st Cadogan Court. Start 11 00 am. As usual on this brilliant annual fete we……..St Thomas, are responsible for the bar and drinks. All is welcome and please members do offer to help out. As it can get very busy especially at lunch time. All donations are gratefully received.